Gaming Arena and Community
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    Welcome to Reality Rift! We're not your typical gaming space – we're all gamers ourselves, and we created Reality Rift Arena to be a real gamer's home!

    Whether you're a passionate amateur, a member of a semi-pro team, a parent of a gamer kid, or just someone who casually enjoys video games, this place is for you. No more dark basements: we've created a space where you'd want to spend your time and chill.

    We've set up a PC zone with esports-grade computers and peripherals, and a console zone with Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch available to play. We also have a huge selection of games pre-installed and many more available for installation—just ask us!

    We've teamed up with awesome partners to take your gaming experience to the next level. Plus, we offer gaming memberships with special pricing, offers, giveaways, and more perks for all you gamers.
    Pop-up gaming space @SAFRA Punggol in partnership with Sonic Bowl. Open Area PCs, most popular games pre-installed, all membership perks, active noise-canceling headphones. The Arena you know gets closer to you!

    What is an "esports arena"?
    It's what you make it! We have 83 gaming PCs and 6 consoles available for you to play just about any PC game by yourself or with your friends.

    No, but it's recommended. We always accept walk-ins when there is space, but if you are bringing a large group, it's always best to book in advance.

    We have prepared a pricing page for you that explains everything.
    Our membership is $11 per month (cancel anytime), and you can become a member by talking to our friendly crew 🙂 And it's more than just prices - we got whole lot of cool stuff included there!
    Simply scan the QR code on your membership card, tap "Manage your membership", and follow the instructions. If this fails, please email our friendly crew!