In a nutshell:
If you played Dota 2, surely you're familiar with the name. That's right. It is one of Chaos Knight's skill.

Why Reality Rift though? The skill pulls another character towards him & that's our goal. We founded RR, because we simply wanted to bring something that we love, closer to us.

Ok, we made up the last sentence — we just wanted to have a name that is associated with our passion.

Our main goal is to entertain people by creating experiences that we ourselves would consider entertaining.

And we are a very picky customer.
Why should you contact us?
  • There is a business opportunity for working together in the retail or esports scene
  • You want to become a part of our team
  • You are an investor and want to understand more about the business
  • You are just bored and want to talk to people
We are still working on our prediction skills, so if you have a query regarding anything else, please feel free to reach out to us!
Email us at:
Flagship Arena FB page: /realityriftarena
Dota2 team FB page: /realityriftdota2
Dota2 team VK page: /realityriftdota2
Twitter: @realityrift_gg
Instagram: @realityrift_gg

Link to RR logos in ai format (main and alternate).