What is an "esports arena"?
It's what you make it! We have 83 gaming PCs and 6 Xbox and PlayStation consoles available for you to play just about any game. Reality Rift Arena is about playing your favourite games solo or with your friends!

No, but it's recommended. We always accept walk-ins when there is space, but if you are bringing a large group, it's always best to book in advance.

We have prepared a pricing page for you that explains everything. Open Area PC gaming costs $5/h for members and $7/h for non-members. Room PC gaming is $7 for members and $10 for non-members per hour. For console gaming or VIP PC it's $11/h and $16/h for members and non-members respectively.
Our membership is $11 per month (cancel anytime), and you can become a member by talking to our friendly crew 🙂 And it's more than just prices - we got whole lot of cool stuff included there!
Simply scan the QR code on your membership card, tap "Manage your membership", and follow the instructions. If this fails, please email our friendly crew!
What is the largest capacity room you have
Most rooms in Reality Rift Arena can accommodate 5 players. We also have Bootcamp rooms that are suitable for 6 players. And if you have a full party of 5v5, you can use Stage rooms to compete. They both have 5 PCs and you can see your opponents through the window, like on big tournaments!
What game launchers are pre-installed?
We have Steam, Battle.net, Riot and Epic Games launchers available. Most popular games are pre-installed too but you can install almost any game on spot!
What is the Outpost?
Outpost is a new pop-up gaming arena @SAFRA Punggol. It has Open Area PCs only, and it's not a full Arena experience with gaming stations variety and event space. Outpost is a great place near your home to enjoy some PC gaming, as we have all popular games pre-installed there and ready to play. Reality Rift Outpost is located at #05-03, in the same space as Sonic Bowl.